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Teddy Castle

From the legend of Teddy House- "The House Of Lovely Bears",
there was a Teddy Angel, bringing teddy bears to live....
In a land far away is a magical place, a forest filled with wonder and enchantment.

If you are lucky enough to know of Teddy Castle and brave enough to enter,
you may, one day find its hidden secret- Wish Forest.

Undiscovered for centuries, Wish Forest has been the resting place of the Teddy Angels,
a particularly special group of angels, whose purpose are to bring joy and happiness
to the lives of boys and girls.

When you enter Wish Forest, be sure to not make a sound.
We don’t want to disturb the Teddy Angels. 

As you wander through the rooms and corridors,
look carefully and you’ll see the Angels sleeping,
each in its own glass bottle. 

Notice how one will shine brighter than the others, silently calling out to you.
This is your Teddy Angel. Stand next to her, close your eyes and concentrate. 

Make a wish and she will awaken from her sleep.

-Teddy House-

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