What accessories are available?
Various accessories are available including bags, shoes, scarves, hats, tennis rackets, golf clubs, fishing rods, etc.
What are the difference between Teddy House and Teddy Bear?
Teddy House is a brand of products consisting of teddy bears, costumes, accessories, and many more .
Teddy Bear is a word we use to call a toy bear.
What makes Teddy House different from others?
- We have our own factory and we have been in this business for a long time
- Our products are conforming to the international standard CE / EN 71. We have well equipped manufacturing tools as well as production process and materials that pass the inspection by SGS, Lab Test and meet international standard
- Our products (teddy and costumes) can be washed by either hand or machine washing (or tumble dry in moderate temperature) while their quality still remain the same
- We have our own patterns
- Our designs are striking as we are one of leaders in designing
- We always pay attention to details in all sewing steps - We have our own brand since 1997 that are acceptable within the country as well as overseas
- We provide comprehensive services including M
- ade To Order Department, Clinic Department that covers all repair works. Customer satisfaction is our core value.
- We offer ‘Limited Edition’ items and ‘One of a Kind’ items of our making
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