Can we embroider names or messages on the teddy or the costumes?
Some jointed or soft teddies come with spaces on their paws so your personalized messages can be embroidered on them. For the costumes, depending on how much spaces are available, messages can be embroidered on the body or on the chest areas so they can be seen clearly. For example, on graduation costumes, messages can be embroidered on the chest or edge of the costumes, or on school uniform, they can be embroidered on the chest. Size of letter of embroidery should match size of the costumes.
Embroidery comes in how many color and how many patterns?
We have every color available. Customers can design their personalized message or logo. Most popular embroideries are nicknames or school initials in one color. For logo, we have to consider whether the logo is too difficult or too big to embroider on the costumes or not.
Are there any expenses on personalized message and logo embroideries?
100 Baht fee for each 4-letter message
500-1,000 Baht fee for Logo Block; for more than one piece of same pattern embroidery,
we will only charge for logo block once.
How to place order for custom costumes?
Customer can discuss with our staff about the details of custom costumes.
Having photos or samples of custom costumes will make it easier for the design or sewing process.
- 500-1,000 Baht fee for each sewing pattern (depending on patterns)
Most orders are made for what occasions?

Wedding, Graduation , or other occasions when customers would like to congratulate someone with a unique gift.

Is gift wrapping service available?
We have cloth bags to help mitigate global warming for customers. Bags come in various styles and size. We also have various ribbons for customers to choose. If spending 800 Baht or more on our products, we offer free gift wrapping for our customers.
Any repair service?
We have ‘Clinic Department’ to provide repair service at each branch. Prices vary depending on how damaged a bear may be.
For more information, please contact our shops or call 0-2757-1060 (Customer Service)
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